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Bhavika-Quad5Site Bhavika
 has multi years of professional experience in various capacities. She   graduated from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Delhi, India and worked as  research scientist with federal laboratory specializing in developing complex algorithms. Math has been her forte and she had used extensively during her research career.  After spending 14 years in corporate, she quit her cushy job to devote herself full time to help students conquer fear of Math.

During early part of her career she also spent couple of years in teaching undergraduate students of engineering and the calling came again.She enjoys working with students, and  for her no corporate perk is better than a smile and new confidence among students who complete sessions with her.

She’s been helping students from middle school to undergrad level.

Bhavika is married and stay in South Bay area. Spending quality time with family and keeping abreast of Bollywood news are her favorite pass time.

At Quad5, she’s responsible for designing the course curriculum, delivery methodology and evaluation process. You can contact her at


Vivek-Quad5SiteVivek brings in over 18 years of corporate experience in working with multi disciplinary, multi geography teams across globe.  He enjoys putting together world class process/systems to enable ‘smarter work’ at workplace.  His colleagues consider him to be ‘ruthlessly efficient’.

He plays errand boy for Quad5 so that Quad5 tutors can give 100% of their focus on teaching students without worrying about tracking of hours, payment of fee, invoicing, salary, taxes etc. Who loves chasing papers? Tutors love teaching and that’s what Quad5 allows them to be.

In his tutor avatar, Vivek helps K-5 students.