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Our students come from schools across Bay Area. Below is the sample list. The logos are trademark property of respective schools

Established by a research scientist, Quad5 Academy is your neighborhood math learning center that help students excel in school, score high on competitive exams and instill confidence to deal with math subject.

We are an independent entity, not a franchisee of any corporate company. Hence we are answerable to no one but student and their family. We love our independence because it gives us flexibility to customize every aspect of learning for the student.

We don’t dump the same course on thousands of students. Sorry, we are not in that game.

For us every student is unique and we customize our training content, schedule and methodology for that specific student.





  • Math Enrichment Program
  • UpGrade Program
  • SAT, ACT Prep Program

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NEW SAT – What you need to know?

In March 2016, the College Board introduced the redesigned SAT, its first major revision to the test in over a decade. While there have been substantial changes to the format and content of the SAT, it’s clear from student feedback that the SAT continues to be highly coachable. What do these changes mean for your student?



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SAT VS. ACT – what’s right for you?

The SAT is more logic and reasoning based, whereas the ACT is more content based.

When SAT and ACT scores are equated, most students score exactly the same on both exams. However, some students score dramatically better on one test than the other.

We find it difficult to predict who will perform better on the SAT or ACT based solely on a brief conversation about a student. Students almost always subjectively prefer the ACT to SAT. The ACT is an easier test in that students get a higher percentage of questions correct. However, scaled scores are derived by comparing a student’s performance with that of other students who have taken the exam.


The best way for a student to determine which test is the best fit for him or her is to take a practice exam of both the SAT and ACT and to compare the scores.