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commaI think Bhavika was a great tutor. She was caring and was great at explaining everything. If I didn’t understand one way, she would try another way. Sometimes I would ask the same question 4 or 5 times and she explained it again each time; she was very patient. Bhavika also gave practice problems and we went over them during the tutoring sessions. I kept getting Bs in all my tests, and the last test I took before going to Bhavika was pretty close to a C. In my first test after starting tutoring sessions with Bhavika I got a 98%. It was my first A in the class. Bhavika is an overall great tutor and I would definitely recommend her to everyone!

Camila, College Sophomore


commaIt was a enriching experience learning Calculus with Bhavika. She is a wonderful teacher who explains all the steps and methods. I think I learned a lot, and without her teachings I would most probably be lost in Calculus. I am glad I met her this year and hope to proceed with her classes for Calculus B/C

Rahul, High School Junior


commaBhavika is very organized and was able to clearly explain all my issues. It was always comforting to know that she would be able to explain the things I did not understand

Nishi, High School Senior


commaBhavika is an excellent and very knowledgeable tutor. My daughter from Homestead HS was initially struggling in AP Calculus. With the help of Bhavika she was able to have a final grade of B+ in Calculus and got a score of 4 in her AP Calculus exam. Thank you for helping my daughter Bhavika.

Grace, Parent of High School Senior


commaGrade changer. Quad 5 finds the weak spots and focuses on them to make sure you have mastered the topic. Definitely going back anytime I need help, and recommend to anyone who needs help.

Devi, Parent of High School Student


commaQuad5 Academy provided a unique math tutoring experience for my son. It was not only need-based for specific questions my son had but rather it was a lot more comprehensive. The chapters covered in school were taught earlier on and refined during test/quiz times. There was regular homework assigned so that my son got a holistic review of the material instead of just the two or three problems he was struggling with. Studying for math was no longer a time consuming activity as Quad5 Academy classes provided balanced studying so there was not much stress around a specific time. I recommend Quad5 Academy because it helps teach kids the material beforehand and all chapters covered in school are also thoroughly re-taught during classes so children have a much more detailed understanding of the content.

Anagha, Parent of High School Senior


commaHello Bhavika, As you know already, Ameya is taking Calculus AB this year and is comfortable that he can manage studying on his own. However, I wanted to write this email to thank your coaching during tenth grade. As I talk to Ameya, he mentions his sessions with you that really helped him solidify and internalize some of his Maths concepts. I feel that Maths is foundation in nature specially for Sciences and I am glad he worked with you as he did last year. Thank you! Best, Nagesh

Nagesh, Parent of High School student